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Short and effective outplacement program.

Career transition support for your employees.


The majority of organizations are currently dealing with more disruption to the workforce than ever before, having recently gone or are about to undergo significant people-related changes. Managing these people changes effectively is now a regular and business-critical activity that organizations must master in order to thrive and submerge even stronger as an employer.


What is outplacement? 

Outplacement is a service offered to employees who have lost, or will be losing their job, to help them quickly find a new path. This may include a new role in the same or a different industry, retraining, retiring or starting a business. The service is paid for by employers but provided by independent providers who work directly and confidentially with employees. 


Key Benefits

  • Brand and reputation protection 

  • Improved employee morale, motivation and productivity

  • Reduction in legal costs 


In this uncertain and difficult economic climate, redundancy costs can present a heavy albeit necessary financial burden. Considering that budgets are extremely under pressure, a short and effective outplacement program that can still ensure that your employees get the key support needed in their career transition and development and don’t feel abandoned to their destiny is needed.

Career transition program – 3 step approach with a total of 7 personalized sessions

STEP 1 - Direction

3 individual coaching sessions - bringing clarity on the employee career direction.

  • Guided by certified professional coaches


STEP 2 - Action

3 personalized branding sessions - expert support to produce winning CV and social media profiles 

  • CV review, Linkedin profile & cover letter

  • Action plan: where and how to submit your application

  • Guided by professional HR recruitment experts


STEP 3 - Preparation

1 interview preparation session 

  • Guided by professional HR recruitment experts


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Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.







Ernest Hemingway.

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