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The course provides practical and astute advice as to how to put together a successful presentation.

effective presentations

Many people, despite having in-depth knowledge of a sector, will literally panic when forced to communicate in front of an audience. Those who hate public speaking get caught up with performance anxiety and the fear of making a bad impression or losing face: toxic emotions that can jeopardize the success of any presentation.

The aim is not to have participants conversing like Plato, expressing themselves like Proust or narrating like Eco, but “simply” to help them express complex, structured ideas in a clear, linear way. 

On a practical level, the training path will steer participants toward effectively managing their emotions, in order to be able to carry out presentations that are all-round effective. 

To achieve this goal, the course focuses on three key areas:

  • Content (attention to structure and the selection of suitable language)

  • Rapport (optimization of para-verbal and non-verbal communication)

  • Tools (appropriate use of technical aids)

Public Speaker

It’s easy to overcomplicate and it’s difficult to simplify. To complicate, simply add anything you want: colors, shapes, actions, decorations, characters, environments full of things. Anyone can complicate. Few are able to simplify

Bruno Munari

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