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The course sets out to deal with the communicative event in all its complexity, allowing us to develop a greater and deeper understanding of the dynamics and obstacles that characterize interpersonal relationships.


Understanding the communicative process and the mechanisms that characterize it is essential if we want to build effective relationships, based on trust and mutual respect. When we communicate, any ambiguity can lead to misunderstandings and disagreements: elements that can jeopardize our relationships, whether personal or professional.



To prevent this from happening, we need to realize that communication is rarely based on a simple and linear structure. In many cases, a single message can convey a multitude of different meanings that, if misinterpreted, could result in a situation of conflict. To deal with these “relationship traps” successfully, we need to have the right aptitude, equipping ourselves with simple skills that, once acquired, will bring added value to the management of the relationship we have with ourselves and others.

Brainstorming Session

An inability to communicate is a result of an inability to really listen to what is being said.

Carl Rogers

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