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Coaching is a type of relationship that aims to accompany people as they develop, both professionally and personally-speaking.

Individual coaching

Formamentis uses the Co-Active® Coaching model, which sees the person as an individual, naturally equipped with the resources needed to find his/her own answers to the challenges that life poses.


​The role of the Co-Active® coach is not to instruct and/or advise the client, but rather to ask specific questions, to encourage the individual to focus on his/her goals in a methodical and consistent way. Here, listening plays a fundamental role as we guide the individual toward the tools and creativity already in their possession.

The added value of a coaching path is that it facilitates the decision-making process, with individuals acquiring a level of awareness as a result of what they have learned.

Smiling Woman

Every situation is a positive situation if viewed as an opportunity to grow and self-improve







Brian Tracy

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