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Formamentis is a learning reality that supports companies to move strategically in the market to transform the side effects of change into added values ​​for the entire organization.


The goal of Formamentis is to guide employees and team leaders to maximize their potential, creating experiences that positively affect individual well-being, group dynamics as well as corporate performance.


Formamentis achieves its mission, through a unique approach that comes from the combination of two souls, those of its founders, whose complementarity allows users to enjoy a 360 degree service!


Following the saying "Who does not stand out, dies out", Formamentis has chosen to make the difference, inspired by its mantra: " When training and coaching focus on the same result, success is guaranteed!”


All the courses offered by Formamentis are created ad hoc according to customer needs, offered in Italian, English and Spanish and - icing on the cake – tailor made to combine the benefits related to the personalization of content and those of a highly flexible coaching.



Implementation and delivery of personalized trainings and / or individual coaching sessions, focused on the resources of the person to guide them to reach the conditions to fill a certain skill/competency gap.


An employee presents some challenges in marketing and sales.


  • If the challenges have a knowledge nature (they are internally predisposed to sell, but do not know the techniques), the employee will follow a purely educational course.

  • If the challenges have an internal nature (they know the sales techniques, but are not internally predisposed to apply them, because they do not coincide with their values and beliefs), the employee will follow a coaching path.


  • If the challenges have both a knowledge nature and linked to internal blocks (they do not know the sales techniques and are convinced that, even filling this gap, they would not feel predisposed to apply them), the employee will follow a path that combines training and coaching.


Implementation and delivery of group training courses, followed by individual coaching sessions to allow each participant to customize the concepts covered and to apply them in their professional realities.


A group of managers follows an assertive communication course at the end of which individual coaching sessions are scheduled to allow each one to be supported before and after putting the topics covered into practice.


Implementation and delivery of team coaching sessions, based on the needs of the group.


A department follows a path divided into several team coaching sessions aimed at developing a solid team spirit, significantly affecting the climate, cooperative dynamics, increased productivity and loyalty to the structure.



Delivery of individual coaching sessions accessible 24/7, through a highly flexible virtual platform that allows users to connect to a network of certified coaches whenever they want, wherever they are and opting for the modalities that best match their needs and their lifestyle!



During a corporate restructuring phase, one or more teams are offered the opportunity to use the platform to allow its members to be accompanied in the various phases that distinguish the change process. All this whenever they feel the need: when they experience stressful moments, difficulties in delegating, making decisions, giving unflattering feedback or when they are confronted with other types of conflicts related to the professional environment.


Chi siamo

Need an experienced helping hand?

We can help you and your team manage internal HR projects, develop processes and framework guidelines, co-create and run training sessions, as well as provide a review of your current set up and recommendations for development.

What’s Next?!

Short and effective outplacement program.


Provide career transition support for your employees.

The majority of organizations are currently dealing with more disruption to the workforce than ever before, having recently gone or are about to undergo significant people-related changes. Managing these people changes effectively is now a regular and business-critical activity that organizations must master in order to thrive and submerge even stronger as an employer.

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