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The course outlines how to express an opinion in a clear and effective way, to help us manage our interpersonal relationships in a productive and constructive manner.


Assertiveness is a social behavior that helps us to achieve the goals we set ourselves without creating conflict with our audience and without giving in excessively to any requests or conditions that are made/imposed.

In both our private lives and daily work, we often come under fire, accused of things like: “YOU make me feel bad!”, “YOU never listen to me!”, “YOU are ALWAYS late!”, YOU are NEVER sincere!” Statements that are serious, absolute, and decidedly deceptive. Rejecting a criticism, refusing a proposal, communicating an unpopular decision... these are just some of the different characteristics that make up an assertive style.

In order to acquire the traits of this communicative expression, we need to start with the foundations. This implies a desire to embark on a personal growth path that, starting with our self-respect and moving on to our ability to reveal ourselves, will allow us to acquire a greater sense of autonomy. 

Assertiveness is, to all intents and purposes, a technique that can be learned, applied, and verified through the results it produces. Having said that, and considering it is an unstable variable, it takes constant work to stabilize and maintain it over time.

Talking Business

The newest computer in the world can only deteriorate, owing to its speed. Those who need to communicate will always face the same old problem in the end: what to say and how to say it

Bill Gates

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